Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sewing Class @ Sew Crafty

Last weekend, I went to my Quick Gifts class at Sew Crafty in the Heights. And, wow, it was so much fun. Since they moved to their new space, they have more room to display product, fabric, fun project kits, and a wassail station with yummy cookies. Jenny Gabriel was our teacher and we were able to pick out some fun fabrics for our projects: a rice bag that you heat up for sore muscles, a small pocket purse, a scarf, and an eyepillow.

We moved upstairs to the sewing room and picked our stations for class. We worked from 1:30pm to 6:30pm. It was so much fun though. I have totally forgotten my machine skills. So, I was a bit rusty on that front and I had this nasty tangle on my scarf project, but it was okay. The other projects turned out really nice. Below is my rice bag, purse, and eye pillow. As a nice touch, they gave us fun bags, tissue ribbon, and cards to wrap our gifts with. My cousin got the rice bag and she really appreciated the fun fabric and the individual packets of rice. So, I think my projects were a success thus far!

I was so inspired by the feedback, I am thinking about making more rice pillows and I bought a clutch project. I am hoping that my mom will be around for me to work on these projects with her this holiday season. :)

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