Sunday, October 16, 2011

King Tut: A Magical Catalyst for Creativity

A Magical Adventure in the MFAH
On our lovely and crisp October evening, mon petit ami and I hopped on our bikes and rode to the MFAH for our sneak peek of the King Tut exhibit. We were welcomed by waiters with hummus and baklava and the sound of electrifying, Egyptians beats music. The dancers on stilts left the audience was entranced.

Walking up to the second floor, we were handed our audio guides by staff with golden headdresses on. With the booming voice of Harrison Ford leading us, we entered a very grand double door entrance into the tomb. Guests including myself were just mesmerized by the beautiful sculptures, ornate artistry, and ancient artifacts.

It can leave you awestruck when you imagine being one of the archeologists discovering treasure after treasure from days past. As I stared at a golden sculpture, I wondered what life was like for the people of Egypt. What was it like to be a royal woman? What was it like to be a common man building a pyramid? It's the kind of artistry and artifacts that can make people daydream about another place in time, reflect on the history of our beautiful world, and perhaps even wonder what kind of legacy they will behind.

What is your legacy for this world?
What can you leave behind to promote creativity, generosity, and love? Is it your service to others? Will it be the book you want to get published? Is it your family that you are raising? Is it what you are teaching young people?

What can you create today - will be a painting, a nonprofit organization, a new small business, or pancakes for a loved one?

I challenge you to explore your world wherever it may be, and start working on your legacy.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What I Heart in My Art Portfolio Today

"What I Heart"
Enjoy art, celebrate life, and
inspire others in a positive way.

Just Frosting on the Cupcake

There's a Really Giant Cowboy Missing His Boot

Pancake Pac-Man
The Prince of Togo + One Sassy Waitress = "True Love"

Collage.Is.A.Long.Painful.Process ...

Lounging Female

Sitting Female

When Kleenex Ain't Cuttin' the Mustard

Je suis Quebecoise. J'adore MONtREALitie.

B.Y.O.P. (P = Pearl)

and One Bonus, Frosting on the Cake entry

Studying Degas in Paris = Nicole's Childhood Dream Come True