Wednesday, December 15, 2010

sources of inspiration for creativity

Inspiration is something every artist needs! One of my favorite things to do is to go bookstore browsing. Find a good comfy chair, take a stack of magazines (I enjoy Somerset Studio for art, Lucky for fashion, and Self for fitness!), and bust out your iPhone camera. I enjoy seeing how other artists create gifts, paintings, and collages. In the above photo, I placed 8 images that I found to be quite motivating.

* How can you make this day worth living? - I love this one because it resonates with the recent musings I've had with patience and fullness. Is there an idea that you haven't lived out fully? Is there someone you should be reaching out to? Do you have an intention for your day? I also really like the colors and script used in the sign.

* Be nice to yourself. This one is a great reminder. I think it would be cute to put in care packages with something sweet, bath salts, lotion, a candle, and a heating rice bag. It's a reminder to put yourself as a priority. Go to your artist dates! Take that French class you've been thinking about. Get a manicure. Go on a trip!

Sunset I love the sunset or sunrise photo. It reminds me of a few moments where I took the time to take a photo in nature: driving up Mount Haleakala, camping at Lake Livingston, early morning trip to the Grand Canyon, or watching the sunset on Tamarindo Beach. We often forget about the simple beauty of a sunset, but it is one of the most relaxing things to do.

Quiet Time This isn't an image from a magazine, but from my fall retreat. It is so important to pen down thoughts, go somewhere alone in nature or a cafe, and rest. "Morning pages" is the foundation for the Artist's Way and it can be a very life-altering activity.

I will be grateful for this day. What a lovely reminder! Sometimes thinking about what and who you are thankful for can inspire new creative ideas and work. Also it's just good to slow down and think about your abundant life.

Smile on a Stone This photo reminds me of a clip my art teacher showed me last year. There is an artist who creates funny and amusing compositions in nature. I just thought it was rather whimsical because I used to see smiley faces everywhere when I was a child.

Yoga images The last two images just remind me of yoga and being still. Hopefully my recent interest in yoga will spark new things in me.

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