Friday, January 21, 2011

Art Journal Part Deux

Over the holidays, someone gave me a $20 gift card to the Texas Art Supply online store. I ordered a new mixed media journal and new watercolors. I also splurged ($4 - woohoo!) on glitter glue. I've been aching to get some more projects in. And, I haven't been to the studio yet. So, I decided to open up the new journal and just start painting. I like watercoloring pages and using it as a background, clipping images from catalogs and magazines, sprinkling some words and glitter. There is just something so satifying with pulling images, colors and words together.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Musings from My Art Journal

Last night was such a great evening. After enjoying a nice bowl of udon soup and broccoli, I brewed a cup of honey ginseng mint tea, threw on my coffee clothes, and lit two candles on my altar. I grabbed my art journal and a huge stack of paper, pens, colored pencils, and markers.

I listened in on Kimberly Wilson's teleclass entitled, "New Year, New You." And, it was totally divine. Her class is a great way to settle in, relax, and reflect especially after all the holiday craziness and experiencing my first day back at the office. She encouraged us to reflect on 8 areas for the start of this year and also told us to pick a word for 2011.

LEAP! Leap is my word for the year. I think I've been laying low and been a bit stagnant spiritually and creatively. After some setbacks with getting sick and having to postpone my graduate school aspirations for some time, it has been hard for me to overcome some roadblocks. I want 2011 to be the year that I take a big leap and grow in courage and in faith.

For our eight petals, we were motivated to reflect on eight areas. It's so much fun to get out all the colors, sketch a bit, and write.

SELF STUDY- How was 2010? How is the start of the New Year? Where do I want to be by January 2012? I'll definately be working on journaling and envisioning more on this soon. For now, I hope to re-commit to my spiritual growth, indulge in my creativity more, practice my French, and travel to some interesting places. I just see myself stretching and growing more these next few months.

EMBRACE MINDFULNESS- I think this is an excellent way to work on spirituality. I've created a nice altar space in my room with two candles, my vision board, my cross, and other things that make me feel centered. It is a nice area for me to practice prayer. I've also enjoyed my morning meditations and the seated meditations we have been doing in yoga class.

PLAYING YOUR EDGE- I enjoyed the quote by St. Augustine, "The world is a book and thow who do not travel only read one page." I want to feel more challenged, and the only way I can do that is my facing my big dreams (being an artist, going to graduate school, traveling to new places). I also have to honor myself, and take care of what I need to do (exercise, work, relationships).

DOING GOOD- I can't remember the last time I was able to do some volunteerwork. I've been involved with Dress for Success these past few years, but I wonder if there is a new place for me to serve here in Houston.

GET CRAFTY- This has been resonating with me lately. I yearn to be part of a creative community. I have tons of supplies, an art studio, and this blog. I hope to play my edge in this area, and one thing I am planning is a cupcake and crafts party for my girlfriends.

SIGNATURE STYLE- This area focused on your communication style and how you express yourself. Do you send care packages, send thank you notes, and do you add your own flair in your wardrobe and your interactions with others.

SOUL TIME!- This was an important one for me. It encourages us to have our sabbath, plan artist dates, and indulge in downtime. I love her suggestions on bed days, going for a walk, paring down posessions, and using luxe accessories like candles, fresh flowers, and scents.

TAMING YOUR TIME- What ways can I improve the way I use my time? Am I being effective with the time I am given?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Homemade Crafty Christmas

To continue my sewing aspirations, I bought a Betsy Ross clutch pattern from Sew Crafty last month. As a project I thought would be fun to do with my mother around, I brought my fabric and clutch supplies and made this awesome craft for my roommate Jennifer. I really liked the simple and bold black and white pattern with the contrasting red. And, it was amazingly easy to make. I would have used a stiffer interface for the purse just to give it more substance, but overall I was very happy with this holiday gift project.