Tuesday, November 30, 2010

hipstamatic adventures

One of the fun things about my iPhone is the hipstamatic application on it. You can play with different films, lenses, and effects. And, when you are in a pinch and want to capture something, I think it does a fine job creating artfully delightful pictures. Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I took a road trip to Austin. Below are a sampling of my favorite hipstamatic shots!

We took a short hike through some of Pedernales Falls State Park, and this is a photo overlooking a pond where people could fish and sit. It was nice to sit down and just relax for a bit.

On another part of our walk, we came up to the river and I loved looking at the long tree roots dipping into the water. It was very fun to play this particular lens and get the glowing effects of the sunshine.

At some point, we decided to look down into one of the cavernous rock formations near the water. This is just a shot of our shadows.

And finally, one cool thing about this app is that the effects can make things look pretty old. Here's a shot of an antique car that we found in the parking lot.

Sometimes, you don't need to have anything really spectacular to be creative. You just have to have an eye for looking about beautiful things. I encourage you to go on a walk sometime and snap away. You'll be amazed at how refreshing this activity can really be.

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